Facts & Figures

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Osoyoos and area boasts some pretty unique statistics that make the area distinct from any other. For a brief overview of community statistics please review the Osoyoos Community Profile provided by BC Stats by clicking here and click on Osoyoos.

Whether you're looking to locate a business opportunity or just in town for a visit, here are some surprising facts about Osoyoos:

  • Osoyoos, pronounced "O-sue-use", is a version of the Okanagan word "Sooyoos" meaning "the narrows of the lake" or "the place where two lakes come together.
  • Home to Canada's only desert environment.
  • Area population: 6,737
  • Elevation: 277m (909ft)
  • Home to some of the warmest average temperatures in Canada - The average summertime temperature is around 28°C (82.4°F) and the average winter temperature is approximately 1.3°C (34.3°F) .
  • Osoyoos receives an average annual rainfall of less than 318 mm (12 inches) and 2039 hours of sunshine.
  • Osoyoos Lake is Canada's warmest fresh-water lake. In July and August, water temperatures average 24°C (75°F). The lake stretches over 19 kilometres (12 miles) of Canadian and United States territory; 14.7 kilometres (5.7 square miles) on the Canadian side.
  • Nk'Mip Cellars is the first aboriginal winery in North America (second in the world). Nk'Mip Cellars opened in September 2002, but the Osoyoos Indian Band have been growing grapes on their land since 1968, and their harvests were very much in demand by well known wineries.
  • Golf Courses in the South Okanagan are usually in use from February to late November and sometimes year-round.