Memorial Benches

memorial bench in park

A memorial tribute is a lasting legacy; to honor the memory of a friend or loved one and to the community where the furnishing is placed. Memorial benches/picnic tables may be placed on municipal sidewalks, parks, or trails. Memorial plaques feature raised bronze lettering with brown accent background. The installation offers a flush finish with the plaque installed on either left side, right side, or centered on the slat, providing a clean and comfortable installation. Plaques are 8" x 3" x 3/8" installed on a horizontal face only for reasons of durability and comfort. Plaques are limited to 3 lines of text and 40 characters per line.
Memorial benches remain the property of the Town of Osoyoos.  The Town will not replace a damaged or deteriorated bench with a new memorial bench after 10 years.  The Town reserves the right to remove or move a bench at any time without notification to the applicant.
Please allow 8-12 weeks from the time of ordering your memorial bench for it to be installed. Please note that all orders received between July 20 and August 3 will have an additional wait time as our manufacturer shuts down for a break during this time.

Order form for a memorial bench/picnic table.

For more information regarding the Memorial Bench Program please contact Community Services.