About Osoyoos

Welcome to Osoyoos - a treasure in the sun. Osoyoos is Desert Wine Country's Sweet Spot with the charm of a beach town surrounded by the only living desert in Canada. Taste award winning wine bottled where it is grown, savour sun-warmed fruit straight off the tree, visit centres devoted to preservation of our ecology, native culture and local history and then refresh yourself in the warmest fresh water lake in Canada.

Population - Statistics Canada Link

2016 Census    5,065
2011 Census    4,845
2006 Census    4,752


Osoyoos lies on the border with Washington State, approximately 4 ½ hours east of Vancouver at the junction of Highways 3 and 97.

Distances toKilometersMiles
Vancouver, BC394245
Calgary, AB734456
Edmonton, AB1033 642
Seattle, WA455283
Spokane, WA 307191
Kelowna International Airport 124 77
Penticton Regional Airport6238
Canada/US Border 5

Arts and Recreation

The community is vibrant and active with excellent amenities. A dynamic downtown offers residents a broad range of goods and services. Our arts and cultural facilities include an active arts council, museum, concert society, and theatre group, as well as, various ethnic, service, and charity organizations giving Osoyoos a balance and sophistication normally found only in larger urban areas. Residents also enjoy a wide variety of recreational facilities including ice skating and curling complexes, an equestrian training facility and several world-class golf courses, ski areas and outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities.

Health and Education

Health care facilities are available including a full service hospital 20 km north; two medical clinics, multiple dental offices and one eye clinic; home care and daycare services. Learning institutions in Osoyoos range from the kindergarten to college level. Okanagan University College offers a variety of academic, career, technological and vocational programs.


Local media includes our weekly Osoyoos Times newspaper and EZ Rock radio station. Osoyoos' leading edge high speed communications network offers investors uncompromised services to access world markets.


Thanks to our location at one of the busiest Canada/US Border crossings and the junction of two of the major transportation routes, Osoyoos is strategically connected by land, air and sea.

Osoyoos' modern and well-maintained transportation system gives businesses a competitive advantage. The north-south lifeline is highway 97, a vital connection that stretches from California to Alaska and links our community to a number of expanded local, regional and international airports.

Highway 3, the Southern Trans-Provincial, connects Osoyoos with the ice-free, deep-sea port of Vancouver. Just 10 minutes away, the Burlington Northern Intermodal Railway services the area.

Business Support 

When combined with our labour pool, infrastructure, and low overhead costs, Osoyoos' open door business support policy make it quick, easy, and less expensive to launch a new venture.

Osoyoos' quality of life and increasingly diversified economy make it easy to attract skilled, talented people - the core of any successful business. These people continually bring new energy to an existing pool of available skilled workers.

Osoyoos' Buena Vista Industrial Park features low-cost serviced lots that are available for purchase by private owners. A unique aspect of the Park is the ability to include a residential living space within your industrial project. Further space opportunities for commercial and tourism enterprises are also readily available.

The total costs of establishing and operating your business in Osoyoos are lower than many comparable communities in Canada or the United States. Investors can expect access to one of the lowest electric utility rates in North America, affordable housing prices, competitive property tax rates, and low labour costs.

Mission Statement

To provide quality community services and facilities, which meet the needs of the current and future residents of Osoyoos, in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner.