Memorial Fountain

Water Fountain on Lakefront

The Memorial Fountain is located near the Osoyoos Bridge at the beginning of Pioneer Walkway.

The Memorial Fountain was designed and constructed by JOHN ZUPAN (Arch & Angle Building Construction) "A Dedicated Volunteer".

Plaques at the location reads as follows:

October 23, 2000
The Memorial Fountain and the Public Parking lot is the last phase of construction which began in 1990 as part of Osoyoos Downtown Revitalization. 

In 1993 the Pioneer Walkway Action Committee formed and consisted of five Community dedicated women.  An overall plan was arrived - suitable trees, shrubs, lights, planters and public washroom was decided upon and the Committee went public, offering the above in memory of loved ones. 

The Gazebo was built with funds raised by popular street dances.

The locally designed Fountain is the last addition to this project, also made possible by public donations.

This is proof of generous people working together with pride to produce this useful and unique area for all to protect and enjoy for generations to come.

Special Thank to John Zupan, Dave West, Carol Boan and Tony Zelko for their contributions to this last phase of the project.

Official Fountain opening September 23, 2000.
Shirley Rowbotham, Project Coordinator