Osoyoos Poem


By George Mahovlic (2013)

Oh! Osoyoos is the nicest place that can be found,
With a lake in the middle and mountains all around.
A jewel in the desert, yes, they say,
Where people live to work and play.
We work in our orchards and sweat all day in the sun,
In the cool of the evening we sing, dance, and have fun.
The Osoyoos scenery is to beautifully grand,
With peach and cherry orchards covering the land.
Blossom perfume fills the air,
There is not a better life anywhere.
We grow a lot of grapes and make good wine,
We all drink the juice and fell just fine.
No one’s in a hurry, no one’s on the run,
That’s why Osoyoos is such a lot of fun.
Tourists come to our motels by car and bus,
We love to have them; that helps us.
They come for the water, they come for the sun,
They swim and play in the lake, suntan and have fun.
They party in the evening, visit and dine,
Or just relax with a glass of good Osoyoos wine.
With all kinds of recreation,
Just the finest in the nation,
Boating, golfing and tennis, too
And here I mention just a few.
It’s all here from morn’ til night
To enjoy with all your might.
Oh! Osoyoos is a fun loving place,
Everybody wears a smile on their face.
So, come and visit and stay awhile
And pretty soon, you’ll wear that smile.
What we tell you here is true,
As we extend Canada’s warmest welcome to you!

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