Regional Growth Strategy

The Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) is a long-term planning project that deals with growth management issues over a 20-year period for the south Okanagan. The South Okanagan RGS has been developed over the past five years using a collaborative process that involves ongoing work with the public, First Nations, local, regional, provincial and federal governments.

Ultimately, the RGS aims to ensure that growth in the South Okanagan takes place in a sustainable manner. To accomplish this, the South Okanagan RGS takes a "big picture" approach to planning which identifies and prioritizes goals across the region to meet common social, economic and environmental objectives. In doing so, the RGS examines regional issues such as air quality, water quality and supply, economic development, housing, transportation, parks and natural areas, and infrastructure planing.

Since its recent adoption, the RGS is entering the initial stages of implementation. Over the coming months and years, the RDOS will endeavor to engage south Okanagan communities and rural areas in order to further the implementation of the RGS. This work will involve updates to local official community plans to ensure consistency with the RGS and to address issues such as growth management boundary identification.