Relocate & Invest

Lake Dock

Diverse Opportunities

Osoyoos is home to an active business community, including many independent operators who bring a rich diversity to the local economy. Built upon the wealth of our natural environment and the community's strategic location, opportunities exist in many of our traditional industries, as well as emerging ones.

These include sectors include: value added wood, agricultural products and food & beverage processing, tourism infrastructure and retail amenities, logistics and warehousing, and advanced manufacturing opportunities like aerospace and biotechnology. In addition, the diversity of the local economy lends itself well to professionals in a variety of fields. Whether it be health care services or financial expertise, Osoyoos welcomes a wide array of skills and qualifications to our labour force!


Come and see why the southern interior of British Columbia is fast becoming one of Canada’s most desirable places to live! Osoyoos warmly welcomes you to relocate to our community to further your career, establish your dream business, or invest in local opportunities for your economic future.