Accessibility Survey

We need your help to make Osoyoos a more accessible place for people with disabilities!
The purpose of this survey is to record your experiences using Town facilities. The results of this survey will be incorporated into the Accessibility Plan that the Town of Osoyoos is completing. This information will help ensure that Town programs and services are accessible to people with disabilities and will assist in implementing physical Town improvements that need to be made in the future.

For alternate survey formats or to drop off in person, please contact Community Services at the Sonora Community Center (8505 68 Avenue)
(T) 250.495.6562

Click here for PDF copy of survey

Click here for Agendas and Minutes of the Accessibility and Age-Friendly Advisory Committee

1. Please check all that applies to you.
2. How often do you visit or access any Town-owned facilities or buildings (Recreation Facilities, Town Hall, Marina, etc.)
3. How do you travel to Town-owned facilities and buildings
4. Have you ever encountered any barriers to accessing any Town-owned facilities or buildings?
5. Do you participate in any Town programs or activities? (e.g. fitness classes, summer parks, recreation programs, Town Council meetings, etc.)
Please check all that apply.
6. Have you encountered any barriers to participating in a Town program or activity?
7. Do you use a regular or electric wheelchair?
8. Do you use a walker or crutch?
9. Do you have impaired vision?
10. Do you have impaired hearing?
11. Which of the situations listed below makes navigating a sidewalk and curb ramp most difficult? Select your top 3 choices.
12. Which of the situations listed below makes navigating a traffic signal most difficult?
13. Which of the destinations below are most important to address for increased accessibility? Select your top 5 choices.
*Not all facilities are owned or operated by the Town of Osoyoos