Official Community Plan

The Town will be conducting the Public Hearing in person and virtually. The public is invited to participate by virtually attending the Zoom Video Conference or by telephone. You can find information on how to participate in the Public Hearing here. 

All persons who believe their interest is affected by the proposed new OCP Bylaw No.1375, 2021 are encouraged to provide written submission by delivering or mailing a copy of their submission to the Town office located at 8707 Main Street PO Box 3010, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V0 or email Only emails that are submitted to will be included in the agenda package.

All written submissions will be provided to Council and be made public and form a part of the public record.

The subject lands affected by the new Official Community Plan and its appendices include the entire Town of Osoyoos.

An “Official Community Plan” (OCP) sets out the long-term vision, objectives, land use plans and policies for the future of Osoyoos. The development of an OCP is a requirement under the Local Government Act. The OCP provides policy direction on housing and density, neighbourhood character, economic development, transportation, parks and green space and community facilities.


Bylaw No. 1375 proposes to repeal Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1230 and replace it with a new Official Community Plan and its Appendices and Schedule, the “Southeast Meadowlark Area Plan".

OCP Public Hearing Documents

The Public Hearing documents include the proposed bylaw and related information that has been or may be considered by the Town of Osoyoos. 

Inspection of the bylaw and related documents are available for review at the Planning and Development Services Department located at 8711 Main Street.

The OCP Background Documents are as follows:

Reports to Council on OCP Review with Meeting Minutes attached
Power Point Presentations
2021-08-24 - Report 1 - 1st Reading, Bylaw No. 1375, 2021
2021-11-23 - Report 2 - 2nd Reading, Bylaw No. 1375, 2021
2022-03-08 - Report 3 - 2nd as Amended, Bylaw No. 1375, 2021
2022-04-12 - Public Hearing Report, Bylaw No. 1375, 2021
2021-11-30 - Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1375, 2021
2022-03-08 - Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1375, 2021
2022-04-21 - UPDATED - Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1375, 2021
Community Engagement Summary
Public Engagement Events & Supporting Documents

Agency Referral Responses:

2021-09-16 Referral Response: BC Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (MFLNR)
2021-09-24 Referral Response: Agricultural Land Commission (ALC)
2021-10-15 Referral Response: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries (AFF)
2021-11-02 Referral Response: Regional District Okanagan Similkameen (RDOS)
2022-02-23 Referral Response: School District 53
2022-03-07 Referral Response: Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB)

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