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Zoning 1085.147, 2023       

Brent Ogilvy

5809 89th Street, Osoyoos BC

R1 - Single Family Residential to R2 - Single Family Residential Small Lot 

Z23-04Zoning 1085.148Paul Sivia4413 Lakshore DriveCD2 - Comprehensive Development Village on the Lake to CD14 - Comprehensive Development
Z23- 05OCP 1375.02, 2023. Zoning 1085.149, 2023Manpreet Singh6821 Cottonwood Drive, Osoyoos BCR1 - Single Family Dwelling to R7 - High Density Residential
Z23-06OCP 1375.03, 2023,
1085.150, 2023
Steve Shannon5801 Oleander Drive, Osoyoos BCR6 - Medium Density Residential to R3 - Low Density Residential



Current Development Variance Permit Applications

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Current Development Permit Applications

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Current Subdivision Applications

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S24-01Phillip Elliott9106 Hwy 97 (Main Street)Boundary Adjustment
S22-02Gordon Reinhold3621 Lakeshore DriveSubdivision of a residential lot

Current Agricultural Land Commission

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Completed Rezoning Proposals

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Z23-011085.144, 2023 7808 Spartan DriveAbandonded

Completed Development Variance and Development Permit Applications

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Completed Subdivision Applications

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