Public Input for Special Open Meeting on the Operating Budget & Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 1386, 2023

At the January 16, 2024 Special Open Meeting, Administration provided an overview of the budget and responded to some of the most commonly themed questions. That presentation was expanded to include additional details and is provided below in 16 separate videos/chapters.

Questions & Answers

The following is a response to the written submissions as well as oral presentations made at the January 16, 2024 Council meeting.  It is important to note that Administration provides information but it is ultimately Council that decides on what they wish to fund and the amount of risk they want the municipality to incur as it relates to services and infrastructure. Council establishes the vision to what Osoyoos is today and what we will be in the future. Therefore, every decision has a consequence. That consequence needs to be considered in relationship to all other pressing issues. 

Written Submissions

Presented at January 16, Special Open Meeting