A Policy to set the procedure for making proclamations.

  1. Proclamations will not be dealt with at Council Meetings.
  2. The Mayor is authorized to make any proclamation upon request by any group, as they sees fit.
  3. Individuals or groups who request a proclamation shall be advised that arrangements can be made by the applicant with the photographer at the local newspaper and the Administrator for a mutually suitable time when the Mayor can be photographed signing the proclamation.


The following types of events will be considered for proclamations by the Mayor:

  1. Fundraising events for charities
  2. Health and Safety Awareness
  3. Festivals or events intended to be of broad community interest
  4. Environmental awareness
  5. Groups or organizations providing significant contributions to all of society by groups formed to provide exactly such contributions

The following types of events will not be considered for proclamations by the Mayor:

  1. Any event or organization which may be seen to promote distinct sectors of the community, on the basis of race, religion, colour, sex, or sexual orientation, or which may serve more to divide or create conflict or division, rather than unity in celebration within the community.