Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole meetings are intended to be a less formal forum for discussing concerns. Meetings take place on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and comprise of the Mayor and four regular Councillors and shall include the two Water Councillors when matters of water in Water Systems 8 and 9 are being discussed. Staff will attend to speak to their reports, and to answer any questions that Council may have on any matter. A quorum for the Committee of the Whole shall be the same as for Regular Council meetings.

A Committee of the Whole does not have the authority to initiate an action (limited to providing direction to the CAO). Instead, it reviews and gathers information on behalf of Council, relative to a particular topic. Once the committee of the Whole has received the information it requires, a recommendation may be referred to Council for consideration. All Committee of the Whole and other Committee recommendations are forwarded to Council at its Regular Council meetings at which time Council decides whether or not it will adopt the recommendations.

Public attendance and participation are encouraged at Committee of the Whole meetings. It is also an appropriate forum for public delegations to appear because the committee structure allows for less formal discussion and questions.

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