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Preventing Problems in the Pipes "The Unflushables"

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Preventing Problems in the Pipes "The Unflushables"

*Concept and creative courtesy of Metro Vancouver*

What can’t be flushed and why?

Flushing these items down the toilet causes problems for our wastewater system and our environment.

Paper Towels, Tampons and Applicators, Condoms, Hair, Wipes, Dental Floss put in the Garbage!

These products don’t break down quickly enough in the wastewater system (or at all) and can end up clogging our sewers and your pipes. Even if they say they’re flushable, these products go in the garbage.

What if the label says ‘flushable’?

Products that say they’re flushable – like tampons and wipes – may make it down your toilet, but they might not make it through the sewer. There are currently no regulations to specify which products can be labelled “flushable”. Cities around the world are developing standards to more accurately label whether or not products are truly flushable. For now, put them in the trash.

How to dispose of expired medications?

Medications are not fully removed in the wastewater treatment process and some chemicals may end up in our environment. Keep these pollutants out of our waterways: dispose of expired medications by taking them back to a local pharmacy.

What can be flushed?

The only things that are okay to flush down the toilet are toilet paper, poo and pee.

Still need convincing?

Watch these videos to flush out any remaining doubts.
Videos courtesy of Metro Vancouver.

Unflushables - The Full Story

Never Flush Hair

Never Flush Wipes

Never Flush Medication

Disposable Wipes vs. Toilet Paper

Disposable Wipes Block Condo Pipes

Disposable Wipes In Our Sewers


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