Canada's warmest welcome ®* September 18 2019

Council Meeting Highlights for April 16, 2018

osoyoos, canada's warmest welcome

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Participate Osoyoos (Mass Registration) on September 11

2019 Terry Fox Run on Sunday, September 15

"Family Splash Day" on July 17 and August 14 at Osoyoos Splash Park

Osoyoos Museum - Annual Christmas Open House

Desert Park Racetrack Open House on August 5

Groundwater Well Licencing Workshop on August 14

Art Gallery Opening Reception for Multitude of Muses on September 6

WCRA Drag Racing September 8 and 22

On Point Official OCP Launch Event September 12

Is Firefighting in your FUTURE come to Participate Osoyoos on Sept 11

International Osoyoos Lake Board of Control Public Meeting Sept 17

Art Gallery Creativity In Our Community Application Deadline Dec 15

NOTICE of Property Tax Sale on September 30, 2019

Service Canada Scheduled Outreach

2019 Bird Migration Day Open House September 22

Osoyoos Lake Shoreline Clean-up September 26

Business Promoting Business Networking Night Sept 25

Council Meeting Highlights for April 16, 2018

Click on button to watch the video of the Committee of the Whole, Regular Open Meeting, Special Open and Public Hearing.

Committee of the Whole          Regular Open Meeting     Special Open      Public Hearing


  • Housing Agreement Bylaw No. 1343, 2018 was read three times.  Mr. Buckendahl has advised the Town that he wishes to proceed with the purchase of three additional lots, being lots 11,12, and 13 and funds have been paid to the town.  Bylaw 1343 is being brought forward for Council’s consideration and includes the housing agreement and designation of lots 11-14 as the near market lots.  This puts the restrictive covenant onto 4 of the 27 lots that were available from this subdivision, allowing the Town to meet one of their targets with the ALC.

MEETINGS – April 16, 2018


  • The Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel held a meeting to hear complaints and to authenticate the Parcel Tax Rolls.



  • Marieze Tarr, Executive Director for Desert Sun Counselling and Resource Centre made a presentation to Council.  Ms. Tarr stated that Desert Sun Counselling will be connecting with the School District to run the Roots of Empathy program.  Desert Sun Counselling has partnered with BC Housing to initiate an Affordable Housing Project in Oliver.  Ms Tarr stated that the Desert Sun Counselling is planning on having a second fundraiser in July – Concert in the Park. Desert Sun Counselling is always looking for volunteers.
  • Ingrid Jarrett, Daniel Bibby and Glenn Harris from the Osoyoos Employee Housing Society made a presentation to Council.  The Osoyoos Employee Housing Society is working on employee housing and are looking for support from the Town of Osoyoos.  They are requesting a funding formula to connect Water and Sewer on a temporary basis to the property and that there be an exclusion to the no build covenant has been property that would be used to place the housing. 



  • Councillors King and Campol presented the 2018 Community Service Grant Cheques to the recipients.
  • 2017 Audited Financial Statements presented by Tessa King, Grant Thornton Auditor.  The Town’s auditors, Grant Thornton have completed the audit of the Town of Osoyoos and Sun Bowl Arena and have prepared the 2017 Financial Statements for Council’s review and approval.


  • Museum Parcel Tax Amendment Bylaw No. 1300.03, 2018 was read three times.  This amendment bylaw is to update the parcel tax bylaw to ensure the rate is consistent with the rate being charged to area “A” residents.  The 2018 rate established is $14.64
  • Housing Agreement Bylaw No. 1343, 2018 was adopted.  Mr. Buckendahl advised the Town that he wishes to proceed with the purchase of three additional lots, being lots 11,12, and 13 and funds have been paid to the town.  Bylaw 1343 is being brought forward for Councils consideration and includes the attached housing agreement and designation of lots 11-14 as the near market lots.
  • Off Street Public Parking Regulation Amendment Bylaw No. 1274.03, 2018 was adopted.  This amendment bylaw is to address fees associated with pay parking at the boat trailer parking lot and how it will be managed.
  • Animal Control and Licensing Amendment Bylaw No. 1316.01, 2018 was adopted.  This amendment bylaw is to make the Impoundment Fee for Licensed Dogs the same as the MTI Fines for Dogs at Large.
  • Municipal Ticket Information Amendment Bylaw No. 1279.15, 2018 was adopted. This amendment bylaw is to make the MTI fines for Dogs at Large the same as the Impoundment Fee which is charged in the Animal Control and Licensing Bylaw as well as amends the cemetery fines and is updating the Off-Street Parking Regulation Bylaw No. 1274, 2010 to allow use of Self-Serve Ticket Dispensing in the Boat Trailer Parking Lot.  The MTI Bylaw schedule was also updated to allow ticketing of users who fail to pay parking fees and to remove the parking without a permit offence.
  • 2018 Osoyoos Tax Rates Bylaw No. 1344, 2018 was read three times.  This Bylaw will update the tax rates for 2018, with due date being July 3rd, 2018


  • Council approved the Licence to Use for the Sage Pub/Cactus Car Jalopies to use the land at 6800 Cottonwood Drive (DL 4175S, LD 54, SDYD) and set a fee of $100 for use of the land. 
  • Council approved the cost sharing agreement with the RDOS and School District No. 53 for the 2018 Elections and authorized the Town signatories to sign the agreements.
  • Council approved the Annual General Meeting for the Town of Osoyoos. This meeting will be held on Monday, June 18, 2018 at 1:00 PM in Council Chambers and the Regular Open Meeting of Council will begin immediately following the AGM.


  • Councillor King thanked all the volunteers in the community and send condolences to all those affected by the Humboldt tragedy.
  • Councillor King is hearing positive feedback on bump outs and the work downtown.
  • Councillor Campol attended the Waterfront Steering Committee meeting.
  • Councillor Campol attended the Downtown Revitalization Committee meeting.
  • Councillor Campol attended the Destination Osoyoos Grand Opening
  • Councillor Campol attended the Museum Public Open House.
  • Councillor Campol attended the Art Gallery Young Artist show.  Encouraged everyone to go and support the gallery.
  • Councillor Campol expressed sincere thank you to all those who attended the picture at Gyro Beach for the picture to support those who are affected by the Humboldt tragedy.
  • Councillor Youngberg expressed Kudos to the Fire Department on their hard work on Oyster Feed.
  • Councillor Youngberg advised that winter training at Desert Park finished as of April 16th.  There is a new riding stable at Desert Park that is open to the public.
  • Mayor McKortoff read a few quotes from the book called I am Right and You’re an Idiot by Jim Hoggan with Grania Litwin.


Copies of reports are available within the Council Agenda packages located on the Town’s website
The public is encouraged to attend the Committee of the Whole meetings which take place in Council Chambers at 9:00 am on the morning of the Regular Open Council meetings at 2:00 pm to learn additional in-depth information regarding upcoming business.

Event date: 
Monday, 16 April, 2018
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