River and trees

The Town of Osoyoos participating in the QuickSTART Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) pilot program, in partnership with the Whistler Centre for Sustainability and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).

The new approach to planning was underway in Osoyoos, SEE Osoyoos Succeed! This approach will support a forward-looking and adaptable community, while developing solutions towards addressing both local and global challenges. It was geared towards a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable community.

View the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

What is the future of Osoyoos? How can we make it more Sustainable?

What does the community have to keep doing? What do we need to start doing? What would you change? How can we preserve what we love about Osoyoos for future generations? How can we make our community better?

These were important questions that YOU could have answered as the Town of Osoyoos created a new Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.

As one of the Town's most comprehensive policy documents, the ISCP helped Osoyoos work together to meet community goals, which was developed from public input in the early step of the project.

The Community Sustainable Action Team (CSAT) worked toward developing a vision, process and planning approach to help guide Osoyoos' journey towards a more sustainable future. This vision will articulate what we aspire to be, but more importantly it will inspire and guide our strategic planning and action development, now and into the future!

This long-term planning approach will respect the vision and values of our community.