Water Quality Notice - For Information Only

With increased demand on our domestic water supply system, the Town’s Utility Staff will be starting up other water sources. The Town of Osoyoos would like to make residents aware that they may notice some discoloration in their water over the next week or so.

During the start up of this process, sediment that can accumulate over time and rest on the bottom of water mains will be stirred up and become suspended inside the pipes. This is normal and the Town’s Utility staff will be:

  • Out flushing fire hydrants to remove that sediment.
  • Taking field water quality parameter samples.
  • Taking extra bacterial samples in areas that have been affected.  

To help aid in this process the Town asks residences to take the following action if they notice discoloration in their water:

  • Run COLD WATER in their bathtub for 10 – 20 minutes, this should allow appropriate time to flush out their service line to the home and remove any sediment.  

If you are still having water quality concerns, please send an email to the Operational Services Department at pubworks@osoyoos.ca. Please state your name, contact number and civic address. 
We recognize that this can create an inconvenience and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this process.
At this time, all water quality sampling on the domestic water supply system has come back with satisfactory results. We will continue to monitor the situation and make the public aware should there be any changes.

Operations Department
(T) 250.495.6213
(E) pubworks@osoyoos.ca