Public Notice- Discharge of Pool and Hot Tub Water

With the fall approaching, residents with swimming pools will begin the task of draining the water.  The Town of Osoyoos would like to remind all residents to properly dispose of their pool and hot tub water in compliance with Town bylaws. 
As per Town of Osoyoos Building Bylaw No. 1251, 2009  Part 5 Section 23.9 “Drainage from swimming pools must be contained and disposed of on the same property as the pool is located and discharged to ground where practical to do so.”
Did you know that if you are draining your swimming pool or spa into the storm drain, you could be harming your local aquatic environment? 
Two Ways to Properly Drain your Pool/Hot Tub:

  • Option One – Drain pool/hot tub water onto your lawn.  It is best to slowly discharge treated pool and hot tub water to the ground, so it soaks away without flooding neighboring properties, streets and or alleys. 
  • Option Two – Haul water to an approved disposal facility or a call a vacuum truck service provider. 

Information on how to safely remove chemicals from you pool water before you drain them can be found by contacting the manufacturer, etc.
If you discharge pool or hot tub water to a storm drain that makes it way to aquatic life, you may be in violation of Section 46 and 106 (4N) of the Water Sustainability Act. Furthermore, You would be in violation of Section 36 (4) of the Federal Fisheries Act. 
The Town of Osoyoos appreciates your cooperation with this matter.  Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the Operational Services Department.

Operational Services Department
Phone: 250.495.6213