Council Meeting Highlights for March 12, 2024

Committee of the Whole                                       Regular Open



Petitions and Delegations

  • Ernie Polsom from FireWise Consulting presented a Fire Apparatus Review to Council.
  • Ken Baker from Osoyoos Festival Society proposed the July 1st Fireworks show be held on Osoyoos Indian Band Land across from Gyro Park, and requested a $10,000 donation from the Town towards the fireworks.
  • Brittany Tuttle and Dan Penner from Urban Systems gave an update on the Short-Term Rentals Program. 

Staff Reports


Staff Reports

  • Council opted out of the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch review process with regards to the application for a Special Event Area endorsement for 6001 Lakeshore Drive.
  • Council approved the Community Services Grant requests for $500.00 to the Senior Boys Basketball team, $500.00 to the South Okanagan Minor Hockey Association U18 team, $500.00 to the U18 South Zone Female "A" Hockey Team, $5,000 to the South Okanagan Chamber for the Oyster Festival, $3,500 to the Osoyoos Curling Club for a furnace replacement, and $10,000 to the Festivals Society for Canada Day Fireworks. 
  • Council approved a fully automated curbside collection program and committed to funding a cart program for the community. 
  • Council repealed nine planning policies that are no longer applicable, or their mandate has been completed.


New Business

Reports of Committees and Committee of the Whole

  • Council directed Administration to bring back a report on the Chilliwack Gold Seal program.
  • Council approved the decision to opt-in to the principal residence requirement for permitting short-term rentals in the Town.
  • Council directed Administration to bring back a report on the Bylaw Notice Enforcement and Dispute Adjudication System.
  • Council approved the Council meeting schedule and times remaining the same, Committee of the Whole meetings at 9:00 AM and Regular Open meetings at 2:00 PM on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

Mayor and Councillor Reports

  • Councillor King and Councillor Cheong attended the Grant Evaluation Committee meeting.
  • Councillor Bennett attended the International Bike Trails meeting
  • Councillor Bennett attended the Trail of the Okanagans meeting.
  • Councillor Bennett attended the Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO) meeting.
  • Councillor King attended a meeting with BC Parks, BC Lands, and other community partners to discuss hiking and biking trails.
  • Councillor Cheong attended the Demin and Rhinestones Gala.
  • Councillor Cheong reminded everyone the Running Club is hosting a St. Patrick's Day run on Sunday.
  • Councillor Poturica and Mayor McKortoff thanked all the Fire Rescue, first responders and Administration for the work they did preventing the spread of the fire on Main Street.
  • Mayor McKortoff attended the School District #53 budget meeting.
  • Mayor McKortoff attended the Regional District Okanagan Similkameen meeting.
  • Mayor McKortoff attended the Resort Municipality Initiative Mayors meeting.
  • Mayor McKortoff congratulated the Special Olympics Bowling Team, which came 6th out of 48 teams.
  • Mayor McKortoff attended the International Osoyoos Lake Board meeting.

Copies of reports are available within the Council Agenda packages located on the Town’s website

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