Economic Profile

Person walking on waterfront at campground

Advantageously located at one of the busiest Canada/US Border crossings and at the junction of two major transportation routes - Highway 97 and the Crowsnest Highway 3. Osoyoos is naturally poised as an economic hub for the South Okanagan region and as a gateway for traffic entering Canada or leaving for the United States.

Five hours from the port of Vancouver, and one or two hours from airports in Penticton and Kelowna, Osoyoos is strategically and internationally connected by land, air and sea.
When combined with our labour pool, infrastructure, and low overhead costs, Osoyoos’ open door business support policy make it quick, easy, and less expensive to launch a new venture. The total costs of establishing and operating your business in Osoyoos are lower than many comparable communities in Canada or the United States. Investors can expect access to one of the lowest electric utility rates in North America, affordable housing prices, competitive property tax rates, and low labour costs.