Business Licences & Permits

A Business Licence is required to operate a business within the community. The Town of Osoyoos Business Licence Bylaw No. 1045, 1997, requires anyone carrying on a commercial or industrial undertaking of any kind or the providing of professional, personal or other services for the purpose of profit or gain to obtain a business Licence. A business Licence must be held by the owner or operator of a business, and in the case of more than one business premise, a separate business Licence is required for each location.

For anyone intending to operate a "home based business", please ensure that you have read the home occupation regulations located in the Town of Osoyoos Zoning Bylaw No. 1085, 1998.

The OneStop Business Registry is a public sector partnership offering integrated Business Registration and Business Address Change services based on the Business Number. OneStop provides businesses with the ability of applying for their business Licence online. When applying for a business Licence, these considerations should be addressed prior to the leasing or purchasing of property for a business.
Note: The OneStop Business Registry has been deactivated as of October 21, 2022. Please see link below for new Business Search and registration/maintenance filings for sole proprietorships and general partnershps. BC Registries and Online Services

Please contact the Planning & Development Services Department staff to ensure that the commercial property is appropriate for the business you are planning. Staff will verify that the zoning in which the property is situated will permit the particular business type, that appropriate parking is available on site (if required), and they may bring to your attention any requirements for building permits etc.

Depending on the nature of the business, approvals from the Fire Inspector, Building Inspector or the Health Officer may be necessary prior to approval of the Business Licence. There are no costs related to these inspections if associated with a business Licence application.

General Procedure for Applying for a Business Licence:

  • A Business Licence application can be completed online or the application form can be downloaded and emailed to or faxed to 250.495.2400. The form must be completed and submitted to the Town by the owner or operator or by an agent appointed by the owner of the potential business. Check with our business licensing staff at 250.495.6191, as to the current rates for business Licences in the community.
  • The potential location will be confirmed as conforming to the Zoning Bylaw and Official Community Plan requirements and any necessary inspections will be arranged.
  • The Business Licence Inspector is the final endorsement required.
  • The Business Licence will be issued upon payment of the fee and must be displayed in a prominent place on the premises. For mobile services, a copy of the Licence should be carried in the equipment/vehicle or with the individual, at all times, when engaging in business activities.

Sidewalk Permits

A Sidewalk Permit is required for the placement of any chattels such as retail goods, tables and chairs, placed upon municipal sidewalks or roads as per the Town of Osoyoos Traffic Bylaw. No. 1256, 2009 and the Sidewalk Use Policy. These chattels can only be placed in the Downtown area on sidewalks that will permit for 1.5m pedestrian clearance. To apply for a Sidewalk Permit, please complete and return the application with proof of insurance to the Planning & Development Services Department 250.495.6191.

Sign Permit

In December 2012 the Town of Osoyoos adopted its first Sign Bylaw. Prior to completing any sign works please review the bylaw, discuss with the Planning & Development Services Department and submit an Application Form and scaled drawings.

Other Permits

Prior to the Town issuing a Business Licence, other agencies may be required to submit a permit or report such as Interior Health (for food service establishments, food store, tattoo, piercing, hair, tanning etc...), Passenger Transportation Board (tour bus, taxi etc...) or the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Bransch of BC (liquor store, winery, pub, cannabis shop,  etc...).

Street Vendors/Food Trucks

The Town of Osoyoos has a limited number of spots available for Food Trucks. These locations will be offered to interested parties on a first come-first served basis. Please note, not all available locations are suitable for Food Trucks that require a power source, and the use of generators is not permitted on Town property. A Stationary Street Vendor or Food Truck may operate on private property if it is commercially zoned and has a minimum of 10 parking spaces available on site.  

To operate a Stationary Street Vendor or Food Truck within the Town of Osoyoos, the following documents must be submitted when applying for a business licence:

  1. Business Licence Application & Application Fee $125
  2. Photo of Food Truck
  3. Health Permit
  4. CSA Safety Authority or BC Safety Authority Certificate
  5. Proof of liability insurance
    • No less than 2 million dollars which names the Town of Osoyoos and the Ministry of Transportation as additional insured parties
  6. Letter of Permission or a Lease Agreement (if applicable)
  7. Licence Fees
    • On Street Parking - $1,000 for the season (4 consecutive months)
    • Private property  - only have to pay the Business Licence Fee

If you are interested in operating a Stationary Street Vendor Food Business, you should review the Street Food Vendor Selection and Approval Policy as well as the Business Licence Bylaw

If you have questions contact Planning & Development Services Department 250.495.6191.

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